MegaBucks (The Megavits Rewards System)


  • What are MegaBucks? MegaBucks are the rewards value earned by our loyal customers for being a valued patron. It is our way of saying "Thank you!" and allowing you the opportunity to save money on future purchases as you continue to shop with us.


  • How are MegaBucks earned? There are multiple ways to earn MegaBucks. It's almost too easy to start saving money, and lots of it! Here's how:

- For creating an account, you automatically earn 100 MegaBucks.

- For every $1.00 you spend, you earn 1 MegaBuck on your account.

- Earn 2x the points on specified items marked as a "MegaReward Product".

- By referring a friend, you will earn 250 MegaBucks and they will earn 100 MegaBucks on their first order. (Coming soon!)

- For every product review that is approved, you earn 25 MegaBucks. (Coming soon!)


  • How can I spend my MegaBucks? At the checkout, you will be given options of how many MegaBucks you want to use on your transaction. The more you use, the more of them you save! Here's how:

- Using 100 MegaBucks = $1.00 off your current order

- Using 275 MegaBucks = $3.00 off your current order (Saves 8% of your MegaBucks)

- Using 400 MegaBucks = $5.00 off your current order (Saves 20% of your MegaBucks!)


  •  What's the catch? There aren't any! Just enjoy being rewarded as a loyal and valued Megavits customer. Please be advised of our Rewards policies, terms and conditions:

- MegaBucks may only be used at the checkout, redeemable through discounts off your current order.

- Creating secondary accounts for referring yourself is against our policies and we hold the right to remove rewards and accounts as necessary. In short, please don't do this!

- When reviewing a product, please do so through your own personal experience with the product after purchasing it through our website. We can't reward you for purchasing the product elsewhere! All reviews must be approved by our staff before reward points will be provided.

- It's that simple! Thank you for your business and enjoy being rewarded!